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6 Tips for Families Looking to Build a New Home

You’ve been looking through floor plans online and in magazines, visiting open houses on weekends and talking to friends and family members about features you’d like to include in a home. It’s time to build your dream home, and there’s excitement in the air mixed with the reality that building a home is a big undertaking! A recent article on shared some awesome tips for those about to embark on the home building process, and it goes beyond the basics of selecting a quality builder.

Of course, choosing a builder takes time and consideration. You want to see other homes they’ve built, get referrals from people that have worked with the potential builder and make sure the builder has a good relationship with subcontractors and is in good standing with bill payments. Their bad credit will only delay your move-in date! There are other practical things to consider when your dream home starts to become a reality.

It’s not (always) about the money. Selecting a builder based solely on their fees is not always the only reason to hire them. It’s best to not select the highest bid or the lowest bid when building a home. A high bid doesn’t guarantee a superior product and the lowest bid could mean that you might be hit with extra costs throughout the construction process. Often, the low number is used to “reel you in”, adding extras that will be tacked on later. Do your research and make sure the builder you choose is respected in the community and offers the best product for the money.

Don’t overbuild. Even before the trend of “tiny houses” and downsizing, consider comparing your new home’s blueprints with others on the same street. You never want to be the most expensive home on the block because you’ll never get that money back if/when you sell.

Location, location, location! Especially when moving to a new town, it’s important to research the school district, shopping and entertainment, crime rates and convenience to interstates. Fortunately in the District 7 School District and surrounding communities, there are still viable options for land to build a new home and still be close to modern-day conveniences, quality education and a short drive to Downtown St. Louis for work and play.

Think ahead when you build. Did you just have a baby and want to have your master bedroom next to the baby’s room? Kids grow up fast and soon enough you’ll all be wishing there was more privacy. Or, if you’re an older adult, having the upstairs master suite may not be ideal in the long term. Higher-end homes can be built with a shaft now for an elevator. Simply use the shaft as additional closet space and convert it, if needed, to an elevator later.

The latest and greatest, debunked. We all love technology! But you may want to think twice about filling your high-tech new home with too many state-of-the-art features that haven’t been tested yet. It’s best to buy products (including appliances) that have been on the market for a year or two because consumer reports are available for comparison shopping and any “kinks” have likely been worked out. You’ll also find savings by purchasing models and products from a previous year.

Trends are not your friend. When building a new home, nothing dates a home quicker than jumping on the bandwagon of the latest trend. Weird, futuristic fixtures appeal to you? You may want to think twice before installing items that are too trendy. Once the style becomes obsolete, you’ll be wishing you had made a more traditional decision. Not only will it cost you more money in the long run, it will make your new home look dated too quickly. It’s best to select fixtures and features that have classic appeal so your home looks current. You can always add that area shag rug later!

If you are planning on building a new home, or selling your existing house, or even are in need of expanding your existing home, I have the experience and knowledge that will help make the process easy. I also believe home-ownership is one of the most important investments we make, not just as a valuable asset but also as a place to make memories that last a lifetime. I look forward to sharing the journey with you as you build the home of your dreams! Contact me here or give me a call at (618) 978-2384 for more information on existing listings or property available.

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