Things That Can Go Wrong When Selling Your Home

Oh No! Things That Can Go Wrong When Selling Your Home

Did I get your attention? Good! I’ve been a Realtor for some time now, and one of the most common questions clients ask me is “what should I be doing to get my home ready for sale?” We all know that people searching for that new, perfect home have different decorating tastes, style preferences, likes and dislikes. If someone absolutely needs a dining room for entertaining and your house has a small eat-in kitchen, your home probably is not going to make that “final cut.” Structural and design elements aside, there are things sellers can do when preparing their homes for sale. And, it has nothing to do with wall colors!

Working in real estate, I have a solid understanding of local neighborhoods and market pricing. If you aren’t exactly sure of your home’s asking price, I am happy to help. If your aunt in St. Louis tells you she read an article that the market “is very active” and “inventory is low”, suggesting you should sell your home for more than its market value, don’t get too excited. Just because inventory may be low doesn’t make it a “seller’s market”. There are several things to consider when pricing your home, and it’s important to rely on a skilled realtor that has experience selling homes in your neighborhood. An accurate listing price is an important step in the right direction when selling your home.

Curb appeal.
Just because you don’t have a large yard or front porch reminiscent of a Southern Living magazine cover, doesn’t mean you can’t impress buyers with snazzy curb appeal. Take advantage of the spring/summer sunshine and blooming plants and flowers to add color to your entryway. A little work on the outside of your home truly attracts buyers, making them want to stop the car and take a peek inside. I also recommend a new coat of paint to the front door, fresh mulch to the landscaping and trimmed bushes. A little power washing of the driveway and sidewalks also go a long way when wanting to attract new homebuyers.

De-cluttering the home.
This tip probably surprises no one, but you’d be surprised how many homes go on the market with too much clutter. Too much clutter really distracts buyers from the home itself. Last month I wrote about home staging to entice buyers, and removing clutter from the home is an important way sellers make buyers feel comfortable as their home’s prospective new occupants. Too many knick-knacks have the opposite effect of what proper home staging can do. You want buyers to focus on the house itself and not notice the furniture crammed into one room, or disorganized personalized items scattered around, including too many family photos. When de-cluttering, focus on your home and the space it provides, decorating with minimal items.

The garage is living space, too.
The garage, much like an unfinished basement, sometimes gets neglected when it’s time to clean and de-clutter before an open house or walk-through. Prospective buyers do look at the overall condition of a home, and that includes a garage. Many families need bike storage to go along with scooters, camping equipment and a place to store their children’s sports equipment. Quite often, these items end up in a garage and potential homeowners will want to see if your garage has the storage they need. Before preparing for your house to go on the market, make sure you sweep, dust the cobwebs, and organize the toys into their proper spots. No one wants to see oil drips on the floor, either.

Smell…one of the 5 tips (and senses) that get overlooked.
We live in our homes every day, and sometimes we stop smelling the odors that others may notice right away. Own several animals? It’s likely there’s a smell to that cat litter box you may not realize is there. Have a baby still in diapers? Even the “new and improved” Diaper Genie can’t mask the diaper smell! When getting your house ready to sell, clean the rugs, empty the trash cans, use freshly fragranced cleaning supplies to dust and mop, and clean fingerprints off of those stainless steel appliances. Believe it or not, buyers often open the refrigerator and oven doors so make sure they are clean and ready to be seen (and sniffed)!

 As a licensed Realtor, I know the local market and what homes are selling for in your area. If you are planning on selling your home, I have the experience and knowledge you want. Contact me at 618-978-2384 for your real estate needs and realistic tips for selling your home, making the process a pleasurable one. I look forward to working with you; selling your home and helping you find the new home of your dreams.

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