Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe

Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe

Our homes are often our sanctuaries, offering personalized comfort that we can’t find anywhere else. We keep our favorite snacks in the refrigerator, the temperature just the way we like it, with the right fluffy pillows and soft blankets positioned perfectly in our bedrooms when it’s time to finally rest for the evening. The saying “home is where the heart is” is popular for a good reason: it’s true. But what if our “home haven” becomes compromised due to a property crime? Even though the Metro-east communities that I serve are the safest places to live, work and play, it’s good to know there are many things that homeowners can do to reduce the chance of their homes being burglarized. Of course, it’s always smart to install a home alarm system and there are many companies and security options available today. Other than the technical security approach, here are some tips that will help with keeping your home safe.

Away on vacation? Keep it off of social media. If you have 700 friends on Facebook, it’s probably not likely you would invite all of those people to your next BBQ. Most importantly, your social media posts and pictures can also easily be shared, so even if you feel secure that only loved ones know you have an empty house, you can never be sure. Once that post is on social media, it can fall into the wrong hands. Even discussing your plans openly in a public place can pose a threat to your property when you are out of town. Make sure you also let your children know that sharing out of town plans on social media (or talking about it elsewhere) is not a good idea.

Dog ownership. There are many reasons to own a pet. It can teach a child responsibility and pets can be wonderful companions, too. Dog ownership has long been cited as a deterrent to home intruders. It’s been proven that burglars have been known to target homes without dogs. Of course, with dogs also comes responsibility so it’s not a good idea to purchase a dog solely to protect the home. This security measure just happens to come with a “perk”…a four-legged friend that can also help keep your home safe when you are away!

Keep it lit. It’s easier to commit a crime in dark, inadequately lit areas. A well-lit area is counterintuitive and generally avoided by burglars. By ensuring that your outdoor lighting is functioning properly and the lighting is in the appropriate spots of your yard, it will definitely deter criminals. It’s also recommended that motion censors be installed in the driveway so you have a bright, welcoming spot upon arriving home, keeping you and your family members safer.

Put timers on electronics and lights. Believe it or not, this older method still works today for deterring criminal activity. This technology has also advanced in recent years, making it easier than ever before to turn on lights, TVs and radios from a remote device. Not only does this mean you can come home to a house that’s not eerily quiet, it also allows for a safer environment if you happen to live alone or have a spouse that travels often.

Securing sliding doors and windows, utilizing a security system and installing deadbolts on your doors will also help keep your home sweet home safe and secure. As mentioned in last month’s blog, having a home safe is also another way to keep your most important items protected against a home invasion (or natural disaster). When most home invasions happen, burglars want to move as quickly as possible so it’s often unlikely they will want to spend time trying to access a home safe.

Home safety is important to all of us and the tips listed here are some simple recommendations that work well in conjunction with a home security system installation. Being aware of your surroundings, while also being proactive about home security, can help deter any break-ins from happening. A safe, comfortable and secure home is also a happy one! Want to learn more? Please contact me for all of your real estate needs at 618-978-2384. I’d be happy to share more home safety tips with you.

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